Your financial planning made CIMPL!

Hyperion Planning Cimpl™ is a cloud-based application Stampa Group is offering to our Customers to help them elaborate their budget and forecast in a more pragmatic and cost effective way.

Because performance management systems can sometimes be expensive and tedious to implement, Cloud based solutions are revolutionizing how Finance and Controlling departments operate today, offering a much faster deployment, whilst leaving out any involvement of the IT department and any other resource for maintenance purposes.

Enterprise-Wide Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting

Time, Quality, Flexibility and Cost are today’s main challenges of the Finance and Controlling departments. Being confronted with an ever-growing competitive international environment , our Customers need to focus on:

  •  Reducing the Time required to complete their Budgeting and Forecasting Process using a data base which is continuously gaining in complexity
  • Insuring a high Quality level of data and data structure
  • Maintaining high Flexibility so controlling and analytics systems can adapt any changes in the business
  • Reducing Costs as markets are becoming more and more competitive 

Our Customers’ activities are constantly expanding through new business acquisitions which has a negative impact on their budgeting system’s flexibility. The Controlling and Reporting departments, however, are heavily depending on reliable and comparable information, which they need to have access to at any time. What’s more we are still witnessing, even in 2014, is that 75% of Finance Managers still using Excel spreadsheets for their Budgeting process!

Hyperion Planning Cimpl™ is a solution to support you in the elaboration, simulation and monitoring of your budget and forecasting process. It is based on Essbase, the most advanced OLAP database and high performance calculation engine currently available on the market.

Thanks to more than 350 out-of-the-box functions and its multi-dimensional approach, Essbase allows you to perform both straightforward aggregations, as well as complex cross-dimensional allocations. You can also choose between a top-down or bottom-up approach, and/or apply native time series intelligence to any other level of financial complexity. Essbase is fully adaptable to your needs and provides an unlimited number of calculator functionalities, delivering premium performance and within a broad range of features.

All users of the organization can access the same information at the same time through Hyperion Planning Cimpl™’s web interface, depending on their access rights. This does not only foster interactivity between collaborators, also enhances flexibility within the different work groups.

This Workflow will help and guide users to follow their forecasting process, submit their information on time and access their reports whenever they need it.

It will also support group level management in controlling their budgeting process, by gathering all input coming from their business gathering it in a high level reporting.

Hyperion Planning Cimpl™ is integrated with MS Office through the SmartView Add-In. Linking it to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Power Point, Microsoft Outlook and especially Microsoft Excel, our Customers can not only use Hyperion Planning Cimpl™ in their familiar environment, but also access a considerable amount of additional features allowing them enrich their own data by retrieving and analyzing external information.

This includes:

  • Opening your Task Lists
  • Opening your Planning Data Entry Forms
  • Running Calculations (Aggregations, Allocations, …)
  • Performing Ad Hoc or Free form analysis
  • Opening / building Excel Reports
  • Creating data perspectives for end users
  • Dynamically refreshing Hyperion data across Office documents with a single click
  • Sharing ad hoc specific analysis with collaborators

Hyperion Planning Cimpl™ applications are fully customizable and can be adapted to the requirements of our Customers to aid their performance management.

With Hyperion Planning Cimpl™ you can benefit from a variable based system: Each element of the application (data entry forms, calculations, reports or even data exports) can be based on variables in order to make the application flexible and efficient, without any extra maintenance.

Organizations can therefore incorporate a new entity into their scope of analysis very easily, without having to modify the application’s setup. This is also true for the creation of new reports, which can be highly simplified: a change of year change would consist of selecting another year in the existing reports without having to change anything within the setup.


With the Simplicity of the Cloud

Cloud computing services have been expanding over the last few years and are now becoming a major necessity, especially for the organizations who want to reduce their costs of infrastructure and maintenance, but also for those who want to become more independent from their IT department.

Stampa Gropug strongly believes in this technology and the great benefits it can offer to our Customers, specifically in terms of simplicity and flexibility, which is why we are offering Hyperion Planning Cimpl™ to you. The included planning application can offer the following features to you:

  •  Planning – Hyperion Planning (Classic mode)
  • Rules Management with Calculation Manager
  • Data Integration through FDM EE, Flat file loads
    and large file uploads using http protocol
  • On-premises app migration using LCM
  • Reporting with Hyperion Financial Reports
  • Smart View integration with MS Office
  • Security performed by Identity Management
  • A Cost effective annual subscription license

With no additional infrastructure resource and/or time required, the Finance/Controlling department can easily deploy applications within weeks instead of months. In addition, it will allow you to stay within your budget , as you only have to buy features you actually need.

Hyperion Planning Cimpl™ has an intuitive and role-based interface allowing for very quick access to your Planning application and tools. This also includes virtual training, built-in starter kits and online help/tutorials.

The below screenshot shows an example landing page from which the following functionalities:

  1.  Creating your Application (New Application & Demo Application)
  2. Accessing the Admin Tutorials (Best Practice & Admin Tutorials)
  3. Accessing your Admin Tools (Application Management, Desktop Installs, Maintenance Time)
  4. Watching a Demo of Planning Application
  5. Accessing the Learning Center
  6. Opening any other Tools (SmartView, Predictive Planning, Financial Reporting Studio)  

Application diagnostic tools with governors are continuously running over the elements of the application in order to prevent from any arm and maintain full functionality.

In addition, there are scheduled maintenance periods for patches and version upgrades in planning, allowing our Customers to choose the timing which suits them best.

Hyperion Planning Cimpl™ is integrated through flat files, providing more flexibility to link to third party systems.
From our experience we know that formatting import structures is a recurring and labor intensive step, which is why we include a Metadata Uploader Tool in our Hyperion Planning Cimpl™ offer, to simplify this task.


In a Safe and Secure Environment

Providing data safety, security and privacy to our Customers is one of our priorities; that’s why we entrust Oracle with hosting your Planning and Budget application.

Hyperion Planning Cimpl™ is a Budgeting Solution allowing you to control your budget through several scenarios:

  •  Complete Cloud-based solution: Our customers can benefit from this offer by building a new application to be developed and deployed directly in the Cloud.
  • Testing and Development in the Cloud: In this scenario the Planning application would be developed in the Cloud, and deployed On-premises.
  • Migrating from On-premises to the Cloud: Our Customers can upgrade into the Cloud from version 11.1.4 and above and/or migrate applications into on-premises, if needed.

The Oracle Cloud Service allows you to easily navigate between your Cloud and Local environments. Using the LCM (Life Cycle Management) tool customers can perform global backups of their hosted Application whenever needed, providing them with an extra safety net.

Additionally, regular system backups are being automatically performed on a regular basis by the Oracle Data Center which can be contacted 24/24 in case of an issue and/or if you need to recover your environment.

Oracle is continuously expanding the geography of their data centers, covering North America, Europe and Australia regions, providing availability 24/24 and 7/7.  

Some key facts on Oracle’s highly secured service offering:

  •  User Encryption
  • Segregation within Networks
  • Network Access Control
  • Router Controls
  • Firewall Controls
  • Secure File Transfer
  • System Access Control & Password Management



Your Expert

Florence Marie
Managing Consultant
CFO Solutions
Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting

Quick Implementation

Hyperion Planning Cimpl™ allows for a quick deployment of your Budgeting Application focussing on the functional aspects of the implementation.
To support you in this phase, Stampa Group provides our Customers with a team of expert consultants.

Simple & affordable to all Businesses

Hyperion Planning Cimpl™ can offer unparalleled benefits to customers, and is specifically tailored to either Customers with IT infrastructure constrains / with minimal IT resources, or Customers who look for a quick deployment for a minimal budget.


Hyperion Planning Cimpl™ can be bring huge benefits to Customers who want to deploy one dedicated application for a specific business unit or department, alone with their existing On-Premise Hyperion Planning Application or to Customers who want to evaluate the benefit of Hyperion Planning before extending the infrastructure investment.


Hyperion Planning Cimpl™ is a great way to lower the costs of Development and Testing environments before an On-premises Go-Live. Any customers whatever their size, can benefit from this solution in order to meet their budget constraints without having to make sacrifices in terms of quality, flexibility or performance of their Controlling system.