Empower the decision maker!

Stampa Group is an expert in planning, budgeting and forecasting. We combine a deep understanding of the controlling function, corporate finance and expertise from numerous industries. Sharp planning and reporting is the heart of group, divisional or business management. Nevertheless, the process often lacks appropriate tools and methods to empower the decision maker.

Strategic Planning

Your strategic focus may be better managing your working capital, refinancing your debt, restructuring your business, investing, divesting or implementing merger strategies. Whatever your focuses, our services combined with selected software solutions will allow you to increase your bottom line and explore unexpected areas of improvement.


Operational Planning

You need flexible operational planning at the granularity of your segments, business units or profit centers with a group-wide process management and monitoring. Our team is able to provide all the functional and technical expertise needed to design, implement and optimize your operational planning. 


Budgeting and Forecasting

Annual budgets and the various forecasts needed to steer your business should on one side integrate with your operational plans and on the other side fit your actual reporting structures. We design and implement advanced budgeting and forecasting solutions that allow you to simulate various scenarios and help you take appropriate decisions in order to reach your annual goals.

Stampa Group currently covers implementations of the three leading Enterprise Performance Management software editors:

Stampa Group is a Gold Partner of Oracle, a Specialized Expertise Partner of SAP and a Consulting Partner of Tagetik.